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What is the “Fear No Yellow Stickies” Training Institute?

AUREUS began conducting clinical research training programs in 2000 in response to requests for more “real-world” training courses…”with information you can use the next day”! As a result, we formed the “Fear No Yellow Stickies” Training Institute as a unique platform for delivering information in an enjoyable environment that is focused on “two-way teaching”….thus engaging the learner. The Institute offers a learning atmosphere that is fun but responsibility-focused, thus stimulating a sense of “personal purpose” from each participant. We produce practically-based training programs that offer insight into industry best practices while ensuring our courses outline and reinforce the principles of good clinical practice (GCP).

Our Training Institute’s Mission…

  • “Learn Today....Put Into Practice Tomorrow”

What’s offered by the Institute?Investigator GCP Training CD

  • Investigator GCP Training, “Just Give Me The Bottom Line” - delivered via CD-ROM

Our newest product is the Investigator GCP Training course, “Just Give Me the Bottom Line”, delivered via CD-ROM. This program provides information about drug development, ethics and human subject protection, as well as the obligations Investigators assume when conducting clinical trials. Approved by many central and local IRBs as sufficient for GCP training, this CD-ROM program is just over 2 hours with up to 2.5 CME credits available. Our self-paced course offers insight into the differences in research versus routine care and is ideal for community-based physicians who are new to clinical trials. It’s also a great refresher for the more-experienced Investigator who might be interested in Investigator certification.

  • Investigator GCP Training, “Just Give Me The Bottom Line” - delivered via online learning management system

Our Investigator GCP education course, Investigator GCP Training, Just Give Me The Bottom Line offers an efficient educational opportunity for Investigators.  The course combines audio and visual delivery methods and the online version is presented via a unique learning management system with "tickle and tattle" technology.. which tracks documentation of training.  The entire GCP course is comprised of 4 lessons and each lesson is approximately 30 to 40 minutes in length.  The 4 course lessons include:

  1. Overview of the Drug Development Process
  2. Ethics and Human Subject Protection
  3. Clinical Trials versus Routine Medical Care
  4. Obligations of an Investigator

We believe our course offers unmatched quality as we utilize key Regulatory principles as well as industry best practices to help Investigators "learn the ropes" of industry-sponsored studies.  We also use examples from FDA warning letters to further reinforce applicable learning objectives.  A short test is completed at the end of each lesson and upon completion of each module, up to 2.5 AMA/PRA Category 1 continuing education Credits are available.  The course will also assist in the preparation of any Investigator pursuing industry-certification. 


  • “Fear No Yellow Stickies” – Research Coordinator - Entry Level
  • “Forget Fear, this is a Jungle!” – Research Coordinator - Intermediate Level

Our research coordinator training programs include the entry level and intermediate courses that are based in the regulatory and clinical requirements of coordinating clinical trials. Our entry level course introduces coordinators to the “basics” through comprehensive reviews of terminology, informed consent, adverse event reporting and maintaining regulatory documentation…and that’s just Day 1! Our 2nd day leaps into the clinical aspect of coordinating, including recruiting subjects, conducting visits, completing source documentation, all the way through data storage and types of monitoring visits. Our Intermediate courses provide the seasoned-coordinator the opportunity to learn increased efficiencies as well as address the more advanced topics such as budgets, special subject populations, and FDA inspections. Equally important, all our coordinator courses attempt to address the needs of study coordinators as individuals. We have incorporated many “right-brain” activities into our courses to maximize participant learning but more importantly to promote a sense of individual purpose in the contribution study coordinators provide to society. It is through these methods we believe learning is maximized while maintaining the focus on the importance of regulatory compliance and proper study conduct.

What’s Special about the Institute?

EVERYTHING! Practicality, fun, and incredibly useful information that research professionals can use right away! Call us today at 1-877-284-1815 to learn more about how we can help your organization improve your learning opportunities!



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